Call Recorder


Record any call that you make or receive


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Call Recorder is a tool that allows you to easily record any call that you make or receive on your Android smartphone.

The best thing about Call Recorder is that you don't need to activate anything at all before the call. Once it's installed, the app will always record the conversations that you have, unless you deactivate this option in the app's settings. Thanks to this you can have all of your conversations stored in a safe place.

These conversations will be stored on the SD memory card of your device, and you can listen to them using your phone. The problem (which is a serious one) is that the volume of the recorded conversations is usually very low. This makes it so that sometimes you can barely hear the other side of the conversation at all.

Call Recorder is a very useful tool that allows you to easily save all of your telephone conversations. So, you will never forget anything that someone has told you over the phone... or you'll have whatever proof you need.

Requires Android 2.1 or later.